Feb 6, 2015

"Always laugh when you can, it's cheap medicine"

Who doesn't love to laugh?  You know that laugh when your belly hurts and you cry from it?

Well, I think humor is a great way to deal with frustrating parts of life.  Making light of things and even being the brunt of ones own jokes is sometimes a good way to be.  I often crack jokes about my life with Parkinson's and have heard people tell me "oh stop, that's terrible" and so on.  But I find it funny.  Of course having PD is no laughing matter overall, but if you can't get a good chuckle out of some of the absolutely ridiculous things we Parkie's have to deal with particularly when you're a young onset one then you might as well cry!  And who would ever choose crying over a good laugh?  Laughter is great medicine for the soul, so yes it sucks sometimes, but have some fun with it!

Here are 10 reason's/ways to have a chuckle despite it all:

1.  You have adopted the Taylor Swift song "Shake it Off" as your life's theme song.  And if you choose to skip a dose of your meds you can do a mean dance to it without even trying!  Not to mention the wicked martini you can shake up while doing so!

2.  You love being the center of attention, which is great if you like to workout at a public gym.  Seeing how after some vigorous exercise your body is sure to thank you with some extra 'vibrations'.  Nothing gets a good stare than everyone assuming you're an epileptic at the weight station!

3.  Kids complaining they're bored?  Play a twist on hide & go seek with them if your main bottle of levodopa has run out and you're frantically searching for one of the many 'stashes' you have around the house, in the car, your purse etc...  

4.  You can go visit the neighborhood crazy cat lady and even though the ten litter boxes need to be changed, you can't smell a thing! 

5.  You help the local economy with your shopping trips.  Because when you go to the store for a jug of milk but forget what you're there for you buy one of almost everything.  You're sure that one of those items had to be the one you went there for!

6.  People will surely laugh when they think you're doing a an imitation of the cat fight episode of Seinfeld where Elaine's co-worker didn't swing her arms when she walked!

7.  You seriously ponder getting a new pet for the family and figure that perhaps a wrinkle or bull dog would be an excellent choice so you have someone in the family to have drooling contests with!

8.  If winter & snow is getting you down, just pretend you're at the beach when you're enjoying your own private summer because you're so overheated.

9.  No need to fret about all those projects that there never seems to be enough hours in the day to get accomplished.  There's tons of time to get them done when you're wide awake all night, every night.

10.  If you're husband is upset that you have been buying too many new pairs of shoes, just show him the warning label about the compulsive disorder side effect of your meds!

The reality of these things may not be funny if you have Parkinson's particularly if today's not one of your finer days.  However there's always time to switch gears from being angry or feeling sorry for yourself to simply find a way to laugh about it!  Regardless of your life situation at the moment, if it's less than perfect that's ok, it's life. 

When those dreary days hit, find someone to give you a hug, kick you in the rear, pour you a glass of wine (maybe in a plastic wine glass) and have a good laugh with, even if it's at your own expense.  I guarantee you, you'll feel a whole lot better and you'll get an abdominal workout while you're at it!  After all, they say exercise is just as important as medication if you have PD!  So 'shake it off' by 'laughing it off'!

A fitting quote for a Prince Edward Islander!