Sep 3, 2014

Cherish every moment of your life, it is the greatest journey you will ever take...

We all know in our logical minds that we should be full of gratitude and cherish our loved ones and each moment we have.  However, do we really do a good job of practicing that?  I think we all intend to, but often life and little things get in the way.  Or we allow ourselves to be down in the dumps for petty things, or sometimes big things when we really should be focusing as much as possible on how lucky we are.

Two weeks ago tragedy hit our tiny little island, hit our extended family.  Shattered our hearts and the hearts of our loved family.  A senseless death of two of our loved ones, one that there's no way to wrap your head around.  A story that you think only happens in the movies, or maybe a big city.  A scenario that you think is simply a bad nightmare that you're all going to wake up from.  But then reality hits and you realize you're not going to wake up.  Nobody is, because it is real.  It's a tragic and horrifying way to be reminded that we shouldn't take any moment or person in our lives for granted, not even for one second.  Because in the blink of an eye our lives can be changed forever.  A sad realization that we should slow down and enjoy every little thing and moment because tomorrow is not promised.

I admit I have my days.  Sometimes days of anger of why my body has failed me so young.  Days of frustration when I want to do something that I can't.  Days where I just want to stay in bed because I'm soar, or exhausted or just not having a good day.  Days where I just want to scream.  I do try my best to focus on how blessed I am, how lucky I am to have so many wonderful things in my life.  I try to breath and enjoy the little moments, I think we all do.  However, I know I fail at that often.  Let my mind wander to less grateful thoughts.  Don't we all?  But I think it's important to remember that we are human that is going to happen, but despite any issues I may be having with my broken body, IT COULD be worse.  I am lucky.  I could have a life threatening illness where the possibility of leaving my family behind could hit.  I could be much, much worse off than I am.  As I sit here contemplating this I realize that the tremor that I can literally feel from the inside of my body outward is manageable.  The exhaustion I am feeling from last nights bought of insomnia is not the end of the world.  The sense of being off balance a bit more today than usual could be worse. 

So today, I say... Love with all your heart.  Forgive not for the person that wronged you but for your own peace so you can move past it.  Realize that sometimes you just have to let it go, even if the outcome is not what your heart longs for, because holding on is too much of a burden.  Tell the people that you care for that you love them, often.  Live your life focusing on the little moments that will become memories.  Take the good with the bad and on those days where you feel defeated focus on what you have to be grateful for and just get through that one day because hopefully if you're lucky you'll have another one to conquer tomorrow.  Be kind to each other.  If you can give someone a hug, or a smile or a kind word do it!  It just may be what that person needs to get through the day because maybe, just maybe they are feeling alone and helpless and that one gesture is what they needed to make it through until tomorrow.  Some days it might be harder than others to focus on these things.  We simply have to remind ourselves that it could always be worse.  That without a doubt no matter how rough a day you are having it's guaranteed that someone out there is having it much harder than you are.

Be kind.  Love Deeply.  Forgive.  Savour the moments.  Be genuine.  Care about others more than yourself.  Let go of anger.  Make memories.  Be grateful for all you have.  Be honest, not fake.  Love, Love, Love.  And on the bad days, simply focus on the blessings in our lives...
If we all do this, imagine what an incredible world we will live in?  


  1. Sending healing love your way while your family is in pain during this aweful time....Find the good in life, yes, but also be gentle on yourself right now to let youself feel the not so good feelings - so you can release them. Crying is so healing. I hope it gets less as each day goes on, and you hold onto the memories you have, so they can live on in your heart. I will hug my family tonight and think of yours....hugs xoxox

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